Simrad Verado Autopilot Fitting Kit f/Mk2 Pumps w/SteadySteer Switch

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Verado Autopilot Fitting Kit for Mk2 Pumps with SteadySteer Switch

Fitted hose kit designed for simplified SteadySteer installation into Verado steering systems, reducing the incidence of faulty field terminated hydraulic hoses and incorrect installation layouts.

SteadySteer Benefits:

  • Control the autopilot using the helm – enhanced usability
  • Steer manually through turns – a convenient manual override
  • Hassle-free Autopilot reengagement – reengages automatically on straight legs
  • Seamless and intuitive boat control

Increased convenience without sacrificing safety with SteadySteer – a functionality for autopilot systems that enables immediate, manual control of a vessel through turns without disengaging the autopilot. Coming out of turns, SteadySteer automatically reengages the autopilot once a new heading is established – no key-presses required.

Navigate safely with SteadySteer, a functionality for autopilot systems that allows boaters to take immediate, manual control of the vessel through turns without having to disengage the autopilot. Coming out of turns, SteadySteer automatically reengages the autopilot once a new heading is established.

Control the Autopilot with the Helm

SteadySteer automatically disengages the autopilot when you turn the vessel manually and then reengages the autopilot when you have established a new heading.  No key-presses, no alarms – just turn the helm.

Fewer Distractions – Just Drive

No need to look at a display or push buttons to change course, merely point the bow to your destination.

Kit Contains:

  • 3 x Hoses (Black): 2800 PSI max, 915 mm (36″) 9/16-18 ORFS to 9/16 UNF
  • 2 x Hoses  (Black): 2800 PSI max, 370 mm (14.5″) 9/16-18 ORFS to 9/16-24 ORFS
  • 1 x Hose (Black): 2800 PSI max, 830 mm (32.7″) 9/16-18 ORFS (O Ring Face Seal) to 9/16-18 ORFS
  • 1 x Hose, return (Black): 2250 PSI max, 830 mm (32.7″) 11/16-16 ORFS to 11/16-16 ORFS
  • 2 x T Connectors: Stainless: 9/16-18 ORFS
  • 1 x T Connector: Brass: 11/16-16 < 9/16-18 > 11/16-16 ORFS
  • 1 x Steady Steer Flow Switch
  • 2 x Adaptor, Straight: 1/4 NPT to 9/16 24 M UNF



Simrad Brand Image

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