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Vexilar 12V – 12 AH Max Lithium Battery

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Manufacturer: Vexilar
Part Number: V-200L
UPC: 052762214003
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12V – 12 AH Max Lithium Battery

Vexilar’s MAX Lithium Battery delivers 12 volts and 12 amps of power, the most in its class to be a drop-in replacement for existing 12-volt SLA batteries with half the weight. This battery is designed for the outdoor enthusiast on the go, with high capacity, a fast recharge time, rugged construction, and design features that make it ideal for portable summer and winter use. Great for fly-in trips too.

FH1000 Fuse Holder

  • Mounted on the positive terminal of your battery are a fuse holder and fuse. Vexilar knows your battery can cause fires if a dead short happens, so we have taken the added safety precaution to include this fuse holder with a 3 amp fuse for your battery.
  • It comes standard with a 3 amp automotive fuse, but you can put in a size fuse from 3 amp to 10 amps.
  • If your sonar system does not power up, check to see if the fuse or fuse holder is loose.
  • If your sonar system does not power up, inspect the fuse itself, if the wire inside the fuse is burnt, the fuse must be replaced
  • Yes, your Vexilar can run without the fuse holder by connecting directly to the battery, but please use it whenever possible for safety purposes.
  • If for some reason you’ve lost your fuse holder or would like to put them on all your Vexilar systems, they are available directly at vexilar.com, part number: FH1000

Lightweight and powerful, the V-200L 12 Volt, 12 amp-hour Vexilar MAX Lithium battery has been designed to replace any current Vexilar Flasher/Pack battery and may still allow the use of the 1 amp, fully-automatic Vexilar battery charger or the recommended new V-420L rapid charger.


  • Drop-in replacement for any current Vexilar Flasher/Pack battery
  • LiFePO4 technology
  • Delivers twice the number of battery re-charging cycles over sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Half the weight of the sealed lead-acid battery




Vexilar Brand Image

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